Bouzeron « Cuvée Axelle »

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Bouzeron « Cuvée Axelle »


The village of Bouzeron cultivates its odd one out: the Aligoté grape variety. It is the only communal-level appellation in Burgundy to produce it. However, the reputation of the Bouzeron Aligoté did not begin yesterday. In 1760, the historian Courtépée had already mentioned it in a description of the Duchy of Burgundy. In 1998, the village obtained an AOC, recognising its tendency to produce great wines. The parcels of the Briday estate are located at the top of the hillside on a white marl soil particularly well adapted to the aligoté. The soil is moderately deep but compact.

  • Area : 1.5 hectares
  • Age of vines : 50 years on average


After manual harvesting, the grapes are pressed immediately with care. Fermentation starts naturally (without the addition of yeast) in the vat. Maturation is also carried out in vats to preserve all the freshness of the grape variety.


The Bouzeron of the estate is distinguished by its aromatic finesse: the nose evokes cherry blossom, and more generally white flowers and citrus fruits. While this variety often gives light-body wines, this is not the case here. Control of the yields and a harvest at full maturity give a harmonious wine, endowed with a certain sweetness in hot vintage years.