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Mercurey blanc


Located in the western part of the appellation, on the Climat Roc blanc, this terroir faces due south. It enjoys maximum sunshine. The soil consists of white marls and pinkish rocks. Ripening of the grapes needs to be closely monitored to avoid over-ripening.

  • Area : 0.19 hectares
  • Age of vines : 28 years on average


After manual harvesting, the grapes are pressed immediately with care. Fermentation starts naturally (without the addition of yeast) in 300-litre and 400-litre barrels to preserve the fruit and the approachability of the Chardonnay. The entire cuvée is aged in barrels of which 30% are new.


The clusters harvested on this soil are generally loose, very golden. The wine has a natural power that must be tamed during maturation. It has a different profile from the one we usually find in Rully. Here, it is fullness, and opulence, that prevails. On the aromatic side, notes of candied or exotic fruit, evolving towards honey, are most often expressed.